Benefits to Domestic Violence and Crime Victims

February 22, 2013 New immigrants, whether in lawful or unlawful status, are often vulnerable to abuses. The special cultural, economic, and legal background of the immigrants also sometimes creates difficulties for immigrants to protect their rights when they are victimized. (more…)

Judge Rejects Hosh and Rojas

December 14, 2012 Many readers may be familiar with the Board of Immigration Appeals’ 2001 decision in Matter of Rojas, where the Board held that individuals who are charged with removability on the basis of a state conviction and detained by the Department of Homeland Security at some point following...

Prosecutorial Discretion

April 23, 2012 Process to Administratively Close Deportation Cases Pending Before Immigration Courts. The main immigration enforcement agency (ICE) has been reviewing over 300,000 pending deportation cases. Cases that are not a high priority for removal are proposed for administrative closure. Likely candidates for closure are individuals who have been in...

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