King County Bar: Adam Boyd: A Rising Star in Immigration Law

King County Bar
Posted on: May 1, 2023
Bar Bulletin Blog: Profile

Halfway through his thirties, Adam Boyd has racked up a surprisingly extensive list of professional accomplishments. He has sailed out of the trenches of public defense work in Massachusetts into a crim-imm focused solo practice in Tacoma and straight on to the top of the career ladder as managing partner at Gibbs Houston Pauw, one of the more renowned immigration law firms in Seattle.

This trajectory does not particularly surprise those who know Adam. He has known that he wanted to be a lawyer since junior high, when he began to understand that he wanted to be in the fight. He dove into debate, and during his undergraduate studies at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, he created his own track within Global Studies, focusing on “responses to international violence and conflict” and researching Algeria’s fight against colonialism.

For a time, Adam thought that he would pursue a career in international criminal law. While finishing his law degree at Boston College, he worked on a memorable first case as part of the defense team for an individual charged with lying to authorities after the Boston Marathon bombing. But by this time Adam was married to his college sweetheart Meg, and moving to The Hague was no longer part of the plan. Through a law school clinic, Adam worked on his first asylum case, and he was hooked…

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