Supporting litigation with American Immigration Council

When the U.S. government told immigrants who had been waiting for years that they couldn’t become American citizens because their records were locked in government caves, we sued.

Earlier this year, we filed a lawsuit against U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the National Archives. The agencies dragged their feet in retrieving people’s immigration files from man-made caves and delayed processing their citizenship applications.

After we filed the suit, the government finally retrieved the applications from the underground facilities. We’re happy to say that USCIS has moved forward with all of our plaintiffs’ applications, but we’re not done fighting. Many more were similarly harmed and still await an interview, adjudication, and an oath ceremony.

(…) Hold USCIS accountable and ensure that no one faces these unnecessary delays to becoming a U.S citizen.

This work is only possible with your help. Thank you for your continued support.


Kate Melloy Goettel
Legal Director of Litigation

American Immigration Council
1331 G St. NW Suite 200.
Washington, D.C., 20005

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