Six Critical Things for Employers to Do When You Receive an ICE I-9 Audits

Time is of the essence if you receive a Notice of Inspection from ICE for your I-9 forms in order to retain a skilled defense attorney.

ICE inspection notices require that the I-9 forms be produced for ICE within three business days.  Contact immediately an attorney who has handled I-9 audits in the past so he or she can take control of the response and make sure that you do not act in a way that is harmful to your business.  Gibbs Houston Pauw has handled many such cases, from small restaurants to Fortune 500 companies, and obtained sizeable fine reductions.  GHP can handle these cases anywhere in the United States.

Begin by gathering up all the I-9 forms and supporting documents and checking against your employee list to make sure no documents are missing.  Be sure to make copies for your files of all the I-9 forms that are to be provided; best practice is to number all the documents for tracking.

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