Frequently Asked Questions on Approval of I-687 applications

TO:                  Proyecto San Pablo class members and counsel

FROM:             Robert Gibbs, Robert Pauw, class counsel

RE:                  Approval of I-687 applications, FAQ

1. What does it mean when the AAO decision says that my I-687 application is approved? What documents should I receive from USCIS  to prove my status?

The AAO decision approving your I-687 means that your legalization application filed in 1987-88 has been granted and you are a Lawful Temporary Resident (LTR), pursuant to INA 245A.  After the AAO sends the file to the Nebraska Service Center, you should shortly receive an I-797 approval notice stating that you are approved for Temporary Resident status, and also an Employment/Travel Authorization card valid for four years.  Because the LTR status is only granted to amnesty applicants from 1987/88, the agency does not have the ability to produce an LTR card, so the approval notice and Employment Authorization card are what CIS is providing you to demonstrate your status.

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