At Gibbs Houston Pauw, we know that immigration laws and procedures are crucial to the future of your family and your business. We take the time to get to know you and keep you informed to make sure that you get the representation you need.

Your success requires attorneys with in-depth knowledge and experience in this complex ever-changing field. We practice solely immigration law to ensure that you get the best representation possible in a life situation where the stakes are high. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience in this field and we are committed to providing you with skilled and effective comprehensive advocacy.

Gibbs Houston Pauw has a long history of leadership service with the American Immigration Lawyers Association and non-profit organizations. We make collaborative efforts and continuously strive to further the rights of immigrant communities.

Senator Patty Murray makes the case for immigration reform, highlighting the case of one of GHP’s clients, Benjamin Nunez:

In my home state of Washington, I’ve heard from hundreds of families and businesses who have been directly impacted by our broken system.“Businesses like the West Sound Lumber Company on Orcas Island – a small sawmill owned by the Helsell family for more than four decades. “West Sound Lumber is only able to keep its doors open because of a young man,Benjamin Nunez-Marquez, who goes by Ben.

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Applying for Permanent Residence in the United States is a very involved, and potentially stressful process. One must fill many documents, and collect and submit many documents, at different stages throughout the process. There are so many things one can get wrong, any of them can cost precious time when preparing the application. But the process can be a lot easier and much less stressful when you have a professional Immigration Attorney on your side. One that guides you through this complex process, one that points out the pitfalls, knows the law and can even calm you down when something goes wrong. Robert Gibbs and his assistant Rosa Barreno provided precisely that. Guidance, assistance, a helping hand. Each step of the way was well documented, documents were reviewed and submitted on a timely basis. It was a long process, at the end of which my wife was granted Permanent Residence. I cannot say that it was easy, but I can certainly state that it could have been infinitely harder if we didn’t have Robert and Rosa to assist us.

- Amiram Hayardeny, Microsoft

All the people that I meet who need an immigration attorney, I refer them to GHP. They are honest people. They give you an honest and professional answer and do not take your money if you do not have a relief.  Neha and Rosa oriented me on how to do things, for example how to get my income tax transcripts, where to go to amend some of my tax returns. I like that Neha is very open and honest when you explain your problems and situation.

- Anonymous

Thanks for all your work and for achieving the expected goal. I am very grateful to the law firm Gibbs Houston Pauw. Thanks to Attorney Ralph Hua for working in my case and to Rosa for her guidance in all that I have to do; and finally I am happy that they win my case.

- I.B.

The attorneys at Gibbs Houston Pauw made the whole process of obtaining my green card after marrying my husband smooth, easy, painless and swift!  The amount of paperwork, forms etc. that the process requires is overwhelming however GHP took all that stress off my shoulders, translated the “legal talk” in plain English and made me feel at ease the entire time!  Getting the green card has allowed us to set up our life here in America permanently and think about starting a family with solid roots! I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending GHP to anyone looking for help in the immigration needs!

- Hanna Harris, Microsoft

GHP did a good job. Neha gave me hope when I first talked to her about my case. I am happy with her work in the appeal process, and also with Marina’s work — she won my tough case in court. I am happy with the results.

- Miguel Lopez, Mexico

They are people with good heart, honest. They know what they are doing. To me they did a good job. I felt that I was in good hands. The attorneys at GHP are good people, they do a good job. They will talk to you with the truth and will not take advantage of you and just take your money. I refer people to this firm.

- Santos Palma, El Salvador

I am forever grateful to GHP. They fought for my case and saved me from returning to my home country where I could be killed. They are truly the best immigration attorneys — knowledgeable, experienced, skilled, and responsive. They came up with a creative and unique solution in my case.  Thanks to them, my life is no longer in danger.

- M.C.

We wish to thank GHP for the successful adjudication of our previously denied I-192 waiver. Their experience and knowledge resulted in a Board of Immigration Appeal that was successful in overturning a wrongful denial of the waiver. We felt their legal representation on our case was excellent!

- Anonymous